Beer Industry Project

This project (conducted every other year) is used to introduce both historical developments and current trends in local and global beer industries. Participants research how this industry developed historically as well as current management and economic considerations and the emergence of the craft beer (microbrewery) movement.

Most recently, the project was conducted in the Fall, 2023 semester. The culminating part of the project is for groups of students to research a Kansai-based craft beer brewery, contact them to arrange for an interview, and then prepare a Japan Beer Times type introduction to brewery (in Japanese and English) based on their research and the interview.

Here are links to blog posts where students uploaded their Kansai craft beer research.

Group 1 (Raido, Shiori, Yui, Ena, Sayaka, Akiya) – Heal Soul Brewery (Nishinomiya)

Group 2 (Yuuto, Karen, Aiko, Ryuuhi, Natsumi, Hayato) – Kamigata (Osaka, Higashi Yodogawa Ward)

Group 3 (Takumi, Momoka, Rio, Nagisa, Toshiki) – Open Air Brewing (Kobe)

Group 4 (Minori, Misaki, Sakurako, Souichiro, Ryouma) – Himeji Hatoya Brewing (Himeji)

Group 5 (Mei, Yuika, Ayane, Haruto) – Derailleur Brew Works (Osaka, Nishi Nari Ward)