Case Studies


To learn more about the business side of brewing in Japan, groups of students have contacted breweries and other craft beer related businesses in Kansai. They met with brewers, brewery owners and shop owners to find out about the businesses. In November, 2015 we welcomed Ms. Ai Tani, owner of Craft Beer Base and Craft Beer Bud in Osaka. She shared her impressions of the craft beer boom in Japan as well as her passion for developing beer culture in Japan. The links below lead to case studies from both 2013 and 2015.


2015 Case Studies


Konishi Shuzou Beer (Itami)


Starboard BrewPub (Kobe)


IN THA DOOR Brewing (Kobe)


Kyoto Brewing Company (Kyoto)


Kyoto Machiya Beer Brewery (Kyoto)


Kuninocho Beer - Kotobuki Brewing  Co. (Osaka)


MARCA Cafe & Beer Company (Osaka)



2013 Case Studies


Akashi Brewery


Konishi Brewing


Rokko Beer


Ichioji Brewery


Beer Cafe Barley


Kihachiro Brewery